Friday, January 23, 2009

Up a Tree...

I thought that I would share this story from a couple of weeks ago, when mama caught me shooting off of the deck. I was then across the backyard and up a tree. Mystique had decided to sit up on the deck railing during this time and we were both looking intently into the yard. What was this spot in the yard that we didn't like....It was the neighbor's dog of course. I mean why else would you dash across the yard and up a tree, if not because a dog walked into YOUR yard. I have course had the smarts to go up about 10 feet in a tree that was in a secure balancing act but because of the way that it was leaning, I was able to walk down pretty well. Before I came down, mama came out and took my picture of me up in the tree. After I came down, Mystique decided to steal my "thunder" and climb a tree as well...and of course mama took her picture too.


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