Friday, January 23, 2009

My Story....

I'm a follower. I typically follow Toya, who is assumed to be my brother. That is how I found my new home, I was following Toya, who bounded up from behind my mama and her mom while they were walking. He surprised mama with his run making her think that he was a bunny, until she saw his was too long to be a bunny rabbit. He decided to run around their legs, to the point that they had to know where he was so that did not trip them as they were walking. They ended up calling a phone inside of their house when they got home and more people came out to see us. The attention was wonderful. In fact it was so wonderful, they we hung around the house. We would go up to the windows that we could see in and look in until we would get the attention we were looking for. Finally they ended up feeding us and playing with us outside. We got a nice little house to be able to live in outside. The best part is that they will bring us in a cuddle with us, although we are not allowed to touch the floor, since we are outdoor cats.


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