Saturday, January 24, 2009

I think I'm Brilliant...No matter what other people say!!!!

Being an outdoor cat, does have its benefits...Such as being able to run around as much as I would like, the outdoor wildlife that I get to chase around, trees to climb....

But there is the slight problem of when winter weather rolls around....then it isn't very warm. I have found that one of the warmer places outside happen to be cars, when I can get in to them. It is a very brilliant plan, I think....

Unfortunately, mama's dad doesn't think so...This is why:
He was moving the cars around in the driveway and I happened to jump into the convertable. When he tried to get me out, I stubornly refused and stayed where I was at out of his reach. He then closed the door of the car. Now according to mama, he was going to let me out when he opened the door next but I got out before that...How you ask??? Well I went out a hole that is in the covertable top, I may have made it a little bigger but I was able to fit through. See I am brilliant!!!! I don't get stuck in cars. ;-)


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