Monday, January 26, 2009

Lovin' Life

When the weather gets cold, we get to go into the garage. The other night the weather got really cold, so cold that mama's daddy was worried about us, so we got to go into the garage. I like the garage, it is warmer there then outside. Because it is warmer I am more likely to move around, then outside where it is snowy and cold.

Last night mama brought me upstairs, where I got to be held in her arms. She also put a towel down on the floor for me so that I could play and lay on the floor. I enjoyed playing with the Sharpie that she gave me to play. Moving it around and batting it. It was all fun and games until Toya came down on the floor and joined me. It was no more than a minute when he started to cat fight with me. He bite my ankle that REALLY hurt and I tried to climb away by climbing up mama and down her back. We were then taken back downstairs where there was more room for us to be able to move.


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