Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Going Back to Christmas

On Christmas, we were given these really neat catnip toys. Mama's mommy made them out of an old shirt of Mama's daddy's and some catnip that she had around the house. Mama opened mine up because it was in her stocking. She was then kind enough to put a towel down on the floor and bring me in. Here is the result:

In fact I love my new toy sooooooo much that I chewed a hole into during the second time of playing with it.


Monday, January 26, 2009

Lovin' Life

When the weather gets cold, we get to go into the garage. The other night the weather got really cold, so cold that mama's daddy was worried about us, so we got to go into the garage. I like the garage, it is warmer there then outside. Because it is warmer I am more likely to move around, then outside where it is snowy and cold.

Last night mama brought me upstairs, where I got to be held in her arms. She also put a towel down on the floor for me so that I could play and lay on the floor. I enjoyed playing with the Sharpie that she gave me to play. Moving it around and batting it. It was all fun and games until Toya came down on the floor and joined me. It was no more than a minute when he started to cat fight with me. He bite my ankle that REALLY hurt and I tried to climb away by climbing up mama and down her back. We were then taken back downstairs where there was more room for us to be able to move.


A Little Bit of Fittness

This Morning, my Mumzy woke up at 3am! I was quietly sleeping and up she got before me! Being such a nice kitty kat, I decided I would look after her and came downstaires with her. For some strange reason she likes doing her funny exercises first thing in the morning on the wii and pulled out her yoga mat and moved the table out of the way...well this looked like a nice comfy spot for me. After she had danced around for a bit using her balance board, she started doing exercises which involved laying down. Puuuurfect....I laid down with her to help! Nice and comfy on the yoga mat with Mumzy! I like this wii business....I wonder if they make special paw adapters...hmm...


Saturday, January 24, 2009

I think I'm Brilliant...No matter what other people say!!!!

Being an outdoor cat, does have its benefits...Such as being able to run around as much as I would like, the outdoor wildlife that I get to chase around, trees to climb....

But there is the slight problem of when winter weather rolls around....then it isn't very warm. I have found that one of the warmer places outside happen to be cars, when I can get in to them. It is a very brilliant plan, I think....

Unfortunately, mama's dad doesn't think so...This is why:
He was moving the cars around in the driveway and I happened to jump into the convertable. When he tried to get me out, I stubornly refused and stayed where I was at out of his reach. He then closed the door of the car. Now according to mama, he was going to let me out when he opened the door next but I got out before that...How you ask??? Well I went out a hole that is in the covertable top, I may have made it a little bigger but I was able to fit through. See I am brilliant!!!! I don't get stuck in cars. ;-)


Friday, January 23, 2009

WakeUp Call

The other day I woke up and was pondering what to do. My Dadzy was sleeping, but I wasn't sure about Mumzy. To see if Mumzy was ok I thought I would give her a prod. Without a hesitation I pawed Mumzy and hit her right in the eye socket. She was definately awake now! She bolted up with fright and looked around. I, of course pretending to look innocent, was still sat next to her so thought I had better scarper before she noticed! Unfortunately for me she had guessed it was me and proceeded to question me intently on why I felt the need to wake her up at 6am by this method! I let out a gentle miow, saying sorry, then we headed downstaires together and B.I.N.G.O Mumzy gave me breakfast...puuurrrffect.


Up a Tree...

I thought that I would share this story from a couple of weeks ago, when mama caught me shooting off of the deck. I was then across the backyard and up a tree. Mystique had decided to sit up on the deck railing during this time and we were both looking intently into the yard. What was this spot in the yard that we didn't like....It was the neighbor's dog of course. I mean why else would you dash across the yard and up a tree, if not because a dog walked into YOUR yard. I have course had the smarts to go up about 10 feet in a tree that was in a secure balancing act but because of the way that it was leaning, I was able to walk down pretty well. Before I came down, mama came out and took my picture of me up in the tree. After I came down, Mystique decided to steal my "thunder" and climb a tree as well...and of course mama took her picture too.


My Story....

I'm a follower. I typically follow Toya, who is assumed to be my brother. That is how I found my new home, I was following Toya, who bounded up from behind my mama and her mom while they were walking. He surprised mama with his run making her think that he was a bunny, until she saw his was too long to be a bunny rabbit. He decided to run around their legs, to the point that they had to know where he was so that did not trip them as they were walking. They ended up calling a phone inside of their house when they got home and more people came out to see us. The attention was wonderful. In fact it was so wonderful, they we hung around the house. We would go up to the windows that we could see in and look in until we would get the attention we were looking for. Finally they ended up feeding us and playing with us outside. We got a nice little house to be able to live in outside. The best part is that they will bring us in a cuddle with us, although we are not allowed to touch the floor, since we are outdoor cats.