Friday, February 27, 2009

I love my mama.....

A Lesson on getting a mouse in to the house when you are an outdoor cat....In order that you may truly show your appreciation from them taking care of you.

1.) Rarely ever meow, always purr, that way when you do meow loud enough to be heard inside that have to come open the door.
2.) Walk in with the mouse in your mouth, that why when you are picked up you can drop it on the carpet.

3.) Wait for the family to notice, then start to play with it if they let you down on the carpet.
4.) Watch them throw it outside and then refuse to go outside because they just refused your gift
5.) Ride in the arms of the person who heads off to get the Hydrogen-Peroxide, so that the mousy blood can be cleaned out of the carpet.

The little dark spot on the carpet next to me is the blood.

6.) Listen politely as she tells you "How they like it that the mice aren't going to be coming in the house because they are dead, but they don't want the dead mice in the house."
7.) Finally go outside, when the time comes for the cleaning process to happen.
8.) Take the mousy into your outdoor house.

9.) Then when mama decides to take your picture with you and your mousy, take off and away.

Yep that is how you do it....


PS If you do it when it is dark it is much harder from to see the mousy as you are moving it....

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